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Which hunting license do I need in North Dakota 

When planning a hunting trip in North Dakota, it's essential to understand the licensing requirements for deer and waterfowl hunting. The state offers a variety of licenses, each tailored to specific types of game and hunter profiles.

Deer Hunting Licenses

For deer hunting in North Dakota, you need a specific deer hunting license. There are several options based on residency and the type of deer you plan to hunt:

  • Resident Deer Gun License: This license is available to North Dakota residents and is required for hunting deer with a firearm.

  • Non-resident Deer Gun License: Non-residents who wish to hunt deer with a firearm need this license. It's essential to apply early due to limited availability.

  • Resident Archery License: For those preferring to hunt deer with a bow, this license is necessary for residents.

  • Non-resident Archery License: Similar to the resident archery license but for non-residents.

  • Youth Deer License: This is for residents under 16 years old and allows them to hunt during the youth season.

Each license type typically requires participation in a lottery system due to high demand and limited tags.

Waterfowl (Geese) Hunting Licenses

Hunting waterfowl, including geese, requires a different set of licenses:

  • Resident Waterfowl License: This is for North Dakota residents hunting waterfowl.

  • Non-resident Waterfowl License: Non-residents must obtain this license, which is usually limited to certain dates and areas.

  • Federal Duck Stamp: Required for all hunters over 16 years old, this stamp is necessary for hunting migratory waterfowl.

  • HIP Certification: Both residents and non-residents need the Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification, which helps wildlife agencies manage bird populations.

Additional Considerations

Regardless of the game, all hunters must follow North Dakota's hunting regulations, including season dates, bag limits, and weapon restrictions. Always check the latest rules from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to ensure compliance.  Here are the seasonal dates:   

By securing the correct licenses and adhering to regulations, hunters can enjoy a safe and legal hunting experience in North Dakota.

Where to Hunt

While there is a lot of land in North Dakota available for hunting, a guided hunt by Stone Prairie Outfitters in North Dakota gives you the best chance for a successful hunting experience.  They scout the best locations and provide a place to stay as well.  Hunting outfitters book up early. 

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